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    The Friday Muse – Home On The Horizon

    San Francisco was never her favorite place. She might have called it home, but it wasn’t in her heart to name the City a place close to her heart. The weather was too cold, the prices were too high, and there was something in the air – something amiss – that always gnawed at her consciousness. She wasn’t sure if it was an omen or some kind of psychic ability she unknowingly possessed, but she always felt San Francisco was burdened by evil. Sure, crimes were constantly committed in the city. But that was no different than any other city. Cram 8 million people into such a small area of…

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    The Friday Muse – My Fiction Year In Review

    This last year I floundered a bit at different times with my commitment to write new fiction every Friday, but I picked up the mantle once again towards the end and started writing out full short fiction pieces both to get into the practice of writing every week and to get in the habit of being less shy with what I write. In case you missed any of my fiction pieces, here’s a comprehensive list of the most recent batch with links to each. New stories will pick up again next Friday. Have a great weekend! The Stars Are Brightly Shining Snowfall In EuropeThe Mad Sea End Transmission The Man…

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    New Year, New Goals

    Well, it’s here. We’re finally out of 2016 and are basking in the newness of 2017. 2016 wasn’t so much as bad for me as it was challenging. Between running the publishing company and trying to get my own writing done in the midst, I didn’t come close to completing any of my authorly projects. This new year will be all about balance (and more than a few late nights) for me. Some of the writing projects I’ll be working on (and completing) this year: Red Crane This is my first attempt at a supernatural detective novella. I have the base draft done, and I just need to do cover…

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    Getting Ready For 2017

    No new blog posts this week (aside from this one) as I am spending my time getting organized for 2017. Lots of projects in the works, both for my personal fiction writing and for the publishing company. So, I’ll be spending the week drawing out some project schedules, organizing the office, and just getting ready for a new year. I wish you all a happy new year! My regular posts will pick back up next week. Thank you for following me in this little corner of the universe.

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    The Friday Muse – The Stars Are Brightly Shining

    Nathan Pierce adjusted his red and black striped tie and walked through the double doors of the church, his mind screaming at him to turn around and walk back out. This was only going to be a night of stress. Winter was his favorite season, but Christmas Eve—with his family anyway—was the very least of his favorite things. As his sister, Daisy, and Daniel came up behind him—along with his mother right on their heels—he realized he would much rather be at home, listening to music or reading a book. Or even looking at the stars. Or maybe even getting hit by a car. He would take any of those…

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    The Friday Muse – Snowfall In Europe

    Alpha 1—Thomas Black—stood, staring out the window at the snow falling outside. The hotel room was five stories up and gave him the advantage of being able to see the snow-capped mountains in the distance. Europe was beautiful this time of year, and it gave him the opportunity to relax. He didn’t mind killing people; it was just hard to do it 365 days of the year. He needed time to rest. To relax. To clear his mind. He took another bite of the Michelina’s mac and cheese and swallowed it down with some hot cider. He watched out the window as a big white van pulled into the parking…

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    The Friday Muse – The Mad Sea

    The sea slapped the shore like an abusive lover. The pieces left behind, tiny granules of sand, sifted away like fearful mice, retreating into the embrace of that which shattered them. Never to be seen again. Never to be thought of or missed or praised. Their existence was cut short, but nobody protested it. Not the abusive ocean tide or the abused sand. Life went on. Life was cruel. Corey watched the madness of the water at a safe distance from the shore. She knew the ocean was freezing cold this time of year, and many times, especially on this end of Harborite, a rare jellyfish would hijack the ocean…

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    The Friday Muse – End Transmission

    “This country…This country has been ravaged by this insurgency long enough.” Jasper turned the nob on the television to the right a bit to increase the volume of the broadcast. He wanted to take care not to wake his roommate. She worked nights at the hospital as a nurse and would tear him a new one if he dared wake her from her daytime slumber. Gretur Orono was making another public address – the second in the same week. Even on the tiny television screen, Jasper could tell the dictator was tired, worn out, and probably malnourished. His frame was thin, his eyes baggy, and his skin pale. Although, the…

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    My NaNoWriMo 2016 In A Nutshell

    It’s been a crazy month to say the least. Usually I dedicate Novembers to National Novel Writing Month, but this year my November was taken up by mounds of work in the publishing company, personal matters, and of course, NaNoWriMo. My original goal was 100,000 words – because I need to get this draft done so I can polish it and send it off to my editor. I did 100,000 words successfully a few years back (2011, I believe), and figured it would be an easily-achievable goal this year. Well, back in 2011 I didn’t have this publishing company. And my son wasn’t born yet. Now I have a small…

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    The Friday Muse – The Man With No Face

    He lives among us. He eats with us. He sleeps with us. He breathes the same air as we all do. Only he’s not us. Sometimes he’s not a he. He is a she – the mother of the crying 6-year-old at the grocery story. He’s the security guard at your local mall, rounding up the rowdy teenagers who tossed their gum over the side of the escalator. He’s the burglar in your home late at night, sliding through the shadows, invading what you thought was sacred space. He is not limited by our rules. He is not plagued by our anxieties. He is not confined by our space or…