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    The Friday Muse – Tinson’s Door (Part 2)

    Curiosity had always scratched at his insides, luring him into the fields of science, technology, and astronomy. The Black Door, however, was something completely different. It was something that fell between the shelves of Tinson’s chosen fields of research. The Black Door was something supernatural, something alien. Something bizarre.

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    The Friday Muse – Tinson’s Door (Part 1)

    Tinson felt a strange mix of loneliness and contemplative freedom being in the common study room this late after everyone else had already retired for the evening, even though on most nights, the scientists and scholars who came to this place usually stayed late into the night and early into the morning to drink in the knowledge and research available in the mid-sized study hall.

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    The Friday Muse – The Princess of Para

    The frosted glass allowed the morning’s luminescence to bleed into the castle, filling the hallway with bright white light that flowed gracefully across the white marble flooring, the brownish-gray walls, and the ivory doors of the servants’ quarters. The scent of bacon and potatoes filled the wide corridor, signaling breakfast, but the silence that permeated the thick tile and even thicker walls gave the illusion it was still night when everyone slumbered and hid from the darkness within the darkness. Irasta walked barefoot across the tiles, the undersides of her feet chilled by the lingering cold that seized the fortress each night. She momentarily missed the comfort of her own…

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    The Friday Muse – Hidden

    Blood soaked the carpet, surrounding Rune like a blossoming rose. What he thought would have been the killing blow by Hastings simply put him in a state of misery he had never experienced before. His skull ached as if it were being tightened in a vice, and the rest of his broken form cried out in echoes of pain that mimicked the agonizing cries of a banshee. He didn’t have to guess that his wounds might be fatal by this point. And even if they weren’t, he knew Hastings would finish the job once he was finished cleaning up his wounded face. But the fact that Rune might be at…

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    Small Sacrifices

    The receptionist at the front desk wore a long white lab coat, but Brittany doubted she was a doctor. Or a nurse. Or in any way related to the medical field. She carried a bit of weight in her stomach and cheeks, and she smelled like wildflower-scented soap. Her scent was much like that of Brittany’s grandmother, and it made Brittany want to throw up. Just show me where to sign. The clipboard rose over the counter like a starship and landed in front of Brittany’s trembling hands. She noticed her black nail polish had chipped on several fingers. She couldn’t remember the last time she had painted them. She…

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    The Friday Muse – Jennifer Glass And The Resurrection

    The sound of the hammer hitting those awful nails made Jennifer Glass sick to her stomach. Something about the way the instrument hit iron or the fact that those nails were piercing the flesh of an innocent man, sent her stomach reeling. That was awhile ago, before He was lifted to the cross. Jennifer fought the urge to lurch forward, although she knew it would ease her nausea to do so. She didn’t dare move, though there was no reason she couldn’t or shouldn’t. Those gathered around the foot of the large cross couldn’t see her, but it didn’t stop her from feeling a pang of anxiety that she might…

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    The Friday Muse – Level 3

    Blood. Lots of blood, smeared on the walls, smeared on her face and arms. It was thick, and it smelled sweet. She inhaled a deep breath and fell in love with the scent. She would wear it as a perfume if she could. The blood wasn’t hers, of course. This fact alone would have supplied some level of relief for X88 if she cared. But she didn’t care. She didn’t have the time nor the strength to care about those she had to mow through to get to Level 3. The day had rewound like it always did. At 11:59:59 the night before, the day – the program – restarted,…

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    The Bus To Providence

    The heat is what drove her to near madness. The desert was not kind to visitors mid-summer, nor did it care to have anyone spoiling its serene botany and verdant wildlife. If it were a person, if it dwelt among us in human form, the desert would be a harsh lover with a heart of stone, one who only made contact with others to fulfill its need for rainwater. Josephine took a seat on the dry and dusty bench, setting her purse down next to her. Surprisingly, the bench looked like it hadn’t been used in quite some time. But if the rumors were to be believed, this bench was…

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    The Friday Muse: Darkness Pierced (Part 3)

    Darkness Pierced (Part 1) Darkness Pierced (Part 2) When Melissa Robinson left the candlelit safety of the guest room in Turnkey’s farmhouse, she entered a darkness so thick and so consuming that she swore she had died and entered hell. Her eyes wouldn’t adjust to it, the shadows grazed her skin like strands of silk, and the smell of rotting meat made her want to retch. Maybe I should have listened to the cat. Really? she scolded herself. The cat? The talking cat? Melissa took a deep breath, and the air weighed in her lungs. “Hello?” she called out. “Lightbearer,” a slithery voice hissed. “Me?” she said, spinning around. The…

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    The Friday Muse – XS

    The event occurred many years before Conrad’s time. He only heard of it from his father, who was a lover of history and enjoyed studying anomalies of the past, especially ones that the general public did not believe in. The tower – The Princeton, a scientific marvel housing black door technology, was destroyed by explosion. The specifics surrounding this event are scattered through the telling of urban legends and the writing of conspiracy theory novels. Conrad’s father told him that because of the event – the destruction of the Princeton – that the fabric of space and time were weakened so heavily that it caused tears in reality. These tears…