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    The Friday Muse – Tinson’s Door (Part 2)

    Curiosity had always scratched at his insides, luring him into the fields of science, technology, and astronomy. The Black Door, however, was something completely different. It was something that fell between the shelves of Tinson’s chosen fields of research. The Black Door was something supernatural, something alien. Something bizarre.

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    The Friday Muse – Snowfall In Europe

    Alpha 1—Thomas Black—stood, staring out the window at the snow falling outside. The hotel room was five stories up and gave him the advantage of being able to see the snow-capped mountains in the distance. Europe was beautiful this time of year, and it gave him the opportunity to relax. He didn’t mind killing people; it was just hard to do it 365 days of the year. He needed time to rest. To relax. To clear his mind. He took another bite of the Michelina’s mac and cheese and swallowed it down with some hot cider. He watched out the window as a big white van pulled into the parking…

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    Free Books

    Many of you know that I run The Crossover Alliance – a publishing company specializing in blending real-world content with Christian fiction. Well, this week we’re celebrating our one-year anniversary as a publishing company, and today we are giving away our entire ebook catalog! Just head to our website – thecrossoveralliance.com – and grab any of the currently published titles from our catalog, zip through the checkout process, and they are yours to put on your digital readers. Easy cheesy. We’d love to get reviews from you as well when you’re finished reading our books. The first two books in my Black Earth series are available in this celebration giveaway,…

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    Life’s ‘Little’ Distractions

    I know I’ve been away from this blog for a bit now. I’m sorry about that. I meant to continue my Flash Fiction Fridays. I meant to raise discussion about my time in San Francisco and where I believe God is leading me. I meant to continue my writing projects – such as Red Crane. But as is the norm, life got in the way. More specifically, The Crossover Alliance got in my way. It was only a year ago that I registered an LLC, purchased a business license, and opened the doors of this online publishing company specializing in a ‘different kind’ of Christian fiction. A year later, the…