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    Every day, it’s the same thing. Over and over and over again. Distractions. On Friday evenings, I set up my schedule for the next week. I fill out my calendar in Thunderbird, I scribble out various tasks and projects that need to get done in the following week, and then I set myself up to follow the schedule as if it were being imposed upon me by a high-paying employer. But each week it’s the same thing. Over and over and over again. Monday starts off great. Projects are getting done, tasks are being checked off. Work runs from morning to night, and I place my head on the pillow…

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    New Year, New Goals

    Well, it’s here. We’re finally out of 2016 and are basking in the newness of 2017. 2016 wasn’t so much as bad for me as it was challenging. Between running the publishing company and trying to get my own writing done in the midst, I didn’t come close to completing any of my authorly projects. This new year will be all about balance (and more than a few late nights) for me. Some of the writing projects I’ll be working on (and completing) this year: Red Crane This is my first attempt at a supernatural detective novella. I have the base draft done, and I just need to do cover…

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    Getting Ready For 2017

    No new blog posts this week (aside from this one) as I am spending my time getting organized for 2017. Lots of projects in the works, both for my personal fiction writing and for the publishing company. So, I’ll be spending the week drawing out some project schedules, organizing the office, and just getting ready for a new year. I wish you all a happy new year! My regular posts will pick back up next week. Thank you for following me in this little corner of the universe.

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    The Poison Of Procrastination

    We all do it. At some point during the day, we put something off for later.Due to restraints in time, restraints in resources, or restraints in our own will to do something, tasks are moved around, marked as unimportant, or dissolved altogether to make room for other, seemingly more important tasks. Little do we know how much trouble we are causing for ourselves. Procrastination is a beast that is never satisfied with what you feed it. I experience a struggle with procrastination every single day of my life. No matter how hard I try, there’s always a temptation to put things off for later. Small tasks, medium-sized projects, even large…

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    2016 Goals

    2015 wasn’t my favorite year. I won’t even try to pretend it was. I moved from a state (California) I absolutely adore to a state (Arizona) I can’t believe I’m back in. My grandfather passed. And a percentage of my family cut me out of relationship with them because of misunderstandings surrounding my grandfather’s death. It’s been a year.

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    My Upcoming Kickstarter Campaign

    I’ve been hidden in the shadows as of late because I’ve been working on a lot of projects, the main one being the Kickstarter campaign I will be launching next week on the 7th. My campaign will seek to raise money to cover expenses for the first year’s catalog for the new publishing company I am in the process of launching – The Crossover Alliance. Some of you know that The Crossover Alliance originated as an online community I built to bring together readers and writers of edgy Christian speculative fiction. It quickly transformed into a standalone website, and now it’s moving on to become an online publishing company. I…