Editing Services

It’s a dark night. One of those nights where the moon isn’t shining all that bright, and the stars are too far to smile upon you. You’re walking down a dimly lit forest path, and you just finished sending a text to your significant other: Your the love of my life. You wait patiently for a response. Suddenly, your phone buzzes, and the response comes across the ultra bright screen: *You’re. You let out a long sigh, wondering why you even bother sending any kind of messages to someone who is so intent on correcting every little piece of grammar, even text messages.

Yes – I am in the same category as the person on the other end of that message. I can’t help it. I really can’t. I naturally find myself editing everything, from books and ads, papers to programs, emails to text messages. If it contains anything to do with the English language, I’m there. It’s my kind of party.

Sometimes I’m’ referred to as a Grammar Nazi. Or the Grammar Police. I assure you though, my need to correct grammar is not due to an incessant desire to be obnoxious. No, it’s due to an incessant desire to make the world a better place with a fully-functional basis of the English language. I promise.

And for years, I’ve honed this craft into the editing of school reports, my own science fiction/fantasy/adventure books, and the editing of the various books published through The Crossover Alliance. 

Now I’m ready to offer my editorial services to everyone. Have a novel that you need to have edited/revised/proofread? Have a college paper you’d like a second set of eyes on? Is there website copy you’d like to have polished, a resume you’d like perfected, a book synopsis you’d like crafted? Well, you’ve come to the right person.

Take a look at my services, fill out the form, and I’ll get in touch with you about your project. 

For payment, I will send you a Paypal invoice. I take half payment up front, and the other half when I have finished the project. Or, you can save 5% on the total fees by paying in full up front.

For any editing projects, I offer 2-3 revisions, so you can rest assured you’ll get a fully polished edit before all is said and done. I guarantee your satisfaction with my edits!

My time-frame for finishing projects varies, and we can discuss that once you’ve contacted me. If a rush job is needed, please mention this when you fill out the form telling me about your project. Rush jobs have a small fee attached to them, which depends on the project/length, and will be mentioned in my initial email to you.


Copy Editing

My copy edit service involves line-by-line edits using Microsoft Word’s track changes feature, searching for proper grammar, word usage, plot holes, character consistency, and much more to help make your story shine. I’ll propose rewrites and I’ll suggest replacements to help keep your author voice consistent throughout the story. This process will include two-three rounds of edits, depending on how much needs to be rewritten and your satisfaction with the editorial process.


  • 4.00 per page
  • 1 page = 250 words
  • I round up to the nearest page. For example: If a page is 275 words, I count it as 1.5 pages and charge accordingly.​


Using Microsoft Word’s track changes feature, I’ll check your story or document for grammar mistakes, typos, and misspellings, all for an affordable price – and a quick turnaround! Proofreading doesn’t get into the nitty gritty of editing, but ensures that you have a polished manuscript free of typos, odd punctuation, and misspelled words.


  • 2.50 per page
  • 1 page = 250 words
  • I round up to the nearest page. For example: If a page is 275 words, I count it as 1.5 pages and charge accordingly.​


A good resume could very well be the difference between getting that job and not getting that job. Most resumes nowadays are expected to be 1 page (for recent grads, minimal previous experience), and 2 pages (experienced employees). Condensing all of your work history, skills, and talents into those pages takes skill. I’ll help craft your resume into a stellar representation of you, so all you have to do is shine to that would-be employer. 


  • 25 per page

Basic Web Design

You’re working hard to build your business from the ground up, and in today’s social media saturated world you’re going to need a good website. I offer a basic web design package that will cover all of your needs for the first year of inception.

Basic Web Design means a ‘billboard’ website to introduce your company, list locations, offer up a blog, provide contact info, and link to various other social media platforms your company is involved in. A mobile-friendly version will also be created so your site will look good on computers, tablets, phones, and pretty much any electronic device.

What does my Basic Web Design package include?

  • A domain name (subject to availability).
  • Server hosting for one year. You won’t need to worry about a monthly bill for web hosting fees. The price of our Basic Web Design package includes your first year of hosting.
  • Basic web design using the WordPress platform. WordPress is one of the cleanest, most responsive, and most stable web-building platforms around.
  • Basic website maintenance for one year. Have a photo or web copy or other element you need added to your site? Submit your changes to my email address and within 48 hours I’ll have your changes built into your website and posted for all to see.
  • Do you struggle to say the right things regarding your company and it’s services? I’ll help you write the copy for your website so you can grab your audience’s attention right away. I’ll use your own descriptions for your products/services and polish them up, all part of the Basic Web Design package.


  • 700 per website
  • Price includes website creation, domain name, and 1 year of hosting and maintenance