The Friday Muse – New Office Space


Living in an apartment, things can get kinda cramped. A few years back, before and shortly after our son was born, we had a two-bedroom apartment where we were able to use one of the bedrooms as an office space – as my son was barely in a crib sleeping in our room, and it helped separate the merging of home/office that so commonly plagues those working from  home.

Then we moved to San Francisco for two years, and I had my office in the living room of our 600 sq ft two-bedroom apartment we were sharing with a friend. That was rough.

Once we moved back here to Arizona, we moved into a two-bedroom apartment, but decided to give the second room to my son and move my office space into our bedroom. That’s slowly become a big mistake. I like to stay up late and work on projects, but with our bed right behind my computer, it’s been difficult for my wife to sleep, and it’s been difficult for me to feel like I’m in an office environment when I work during the day and at night.

So, we did away with our dining area and transformed it into an actual office space…

Now our bedroom has much more room in it, I have my own personal office space, and I have the wall space I need for project layout and deadlines. I am an extremely visual person, and having the project calendar and the whiteboard will do wonders for helping me stay on task during the day and throughout the coming weeks/months.

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