New Year, New Goals

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Well, it’s here. We’re finally out of 2016 and are basking in the newness of 2017. 2016 wasn’t so much as bad for me as it was challenging. Between running the publishing company and trying to get my own writing done in the midst, I didn’t come close to completing any of my authorly projects. This new year will be all about balance (and more than a few late nights) for me.

Some of the writing projects I’ll be working on (and completing) this year:

Red Crane
This is my first attempt at a supernatural detective novella. I have the base draft done, and I just need to do cover design and run another draft or two and it will be ready to go. My plan is to finish this by March.

Expired Reality 3
This project has been eleven years in the making. I have a ton of content written out for my Expired Reality series, but very little I have published in the last ten years. I plan to publish new editions of the first two books in the series, my novella – Drather’s Story, and the short story series – The LZR Project, in July through The Crossover Alliance. Along with ER 3, of course. So for those who have been waiting to continue the adventures of David Corbin – the wait is almost over.

Short Stories
I would like to publish a new short story each month. This is in addition to my The Friday Muse pieces on the blog. These will be short stories written within my Black Earth universe, my Expired Reality universe, and even some standalone stories that maybe deserve to be on their own. Beginning in March, I’d like to see me adhering to a new-story-per-month regime, especially since The Crossover Alliance will begin taking short story submissions in the near future.

There are a few non-fiction projects I might pursue, but I’m not inclined to say what they would be about quite yet.

Podcasting / Videos
As shy as I’ve always been in social media, I feel I need to break out of my comfort zone a little more and maybe start a podcast or at the very least, a weekly video for my followers where I can talk about upcoming projects, current events in writing/publishing, and maybe dive into a few of my geeky passions – such as reading/gaming. We’ll see about this one. I have little to no experience in this area, but there’s a first time for everything.

I’m definitely excited for what 2017 has in store. I just need to finish work on my project list and then set up disciplines to follow it through.

Happy New Year, everyone!


  • AC Cooper

    Ambitious, David, but I’m confident you’ll pull it off!
    Right now I’d say there’s no way I’m doing a podcast. My husband teases me about my writing…He days if someone talked to me they would think that I was a different person. In other words I write better than I speak, which is true. I seem to be missing a filter or something, lol.
    Looking forward to hearing you! 😎

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