The Power Of Failure

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As a society, we tend to look down on those who fail. We look at failure as a big ugly mar on an otherwise flawless surface. Failure is seen as weakness, inexperience, and even laziness in some respects.

I’ll admit that I tend to look at failure negatively. I don’t like failing – at anything. Being a perfectionist, I give failure much more power than it ought to have, and I tend to be brought down quite easily every time I fail at anything in general.

But what would happen if we looked at failure as a good thing? As a benefit, of all things?

When I fail, I make a mistake. When I fail, I misstep, I miscalculate, I misestimate.

But when I fail, I find out what doesn’t work. I find out what number in my formula is wrong, I find out what strategy of mine doesn’t work the way I thought it would. Failure breeds information, and that information brings me closer to solutions, not farther away.

Each time I fail, I need to look at it as just another step. Another step toward my goal. Another step toward the answers I seek.

The only failure, then, is not trying.

Maybe our failures should be celebrated, then, as they contribute to our victories, great and small.

Wouldn’t that be something? Celebrating failure?

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  • Anita Cooper

    In our mad, mad world…especially here in crazy Wisconsin…everyone wants to be on the “winning” team. Heck I’ve even heard of people who vote for one political candidate simply because they think they’re the one who will “win”.

    Losing is, in my estimation, highly underestimated.

    Interestingly, I even wrote an article for a magazine one time about a similar subject matter…the fact that all of the kids in competitive sports had to be “winners”. Everyone gets a participation trophy, just for showing up. You’d be surprised at the amount of research that shows just how damaging it is to not allow people to fail.

    😉 Merry Christmas, David…hope you and your family have a wonderful time celebrating the birth of our Savior!

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