The Little Things

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The little things matter.

I have to tell myself this every single day. Maybe every second of every day, actually.

We get caught up in the business of life.

We neglect the cool weather.

We neglect the hummingbirds on the patio.

We neglect our favorite song on the radio.

We neglect when Krispy Creme has a sale on donuts.

Instead, we focus on what we are striving for. We want more out of life, but that more will come later, at the end of this long journey to achieve our goals.


But what about everything along the way? Is that favorite song of ours not part of what we want in life? Is that hummingbird not something we take joy in? What about the cool breeze?

Life is an amalgamation of events. Sometimes, we focus too much on the whole that we don’t see the parts that make it up.

Stop. Smell the roses. Take life in one heartbeat at a time.

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