The Danger Of Faith

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Society has changed the meaning of the word to resemble something akin to wishful thinking. I have faith it will rain today. I have faith I’ll get that job promotion. I have faith I’ll meet someone new.

But faith isn’t confined to our wishful thinking.

Faith is dangerous trust. Faith is putting our trust in a God of dangerous things. A God who wants the best for us, but also wants the best for His kingdom.

Exhibiting faith is exhibiting absolute trust, it is falling backward into the arms of an unseen entity with confidence He will catch us. Exhibiting faith is stepping foot on a path wrought with uncertainty and obstacles with confidence that He will direct us through to the other side. Exhibiting faith is venturing into the relationship / business opportunity / life decision without having all the answers – but having confidence the One who does will see us through it.

Faith can get us into trouble, because it can lead us against the status quo. It can lead us upstream from the rest of society. It can lead us into what looks unnatural, impossible, inconceivable.

Faith can lead us into dangerous territory.

Faith isn’t wishful thinking. It’s confidence in One who is greater than what we are facing and walking through.

Faith is dangerous. Most times, it shouldn’t ‘feel’ good. Faith is how we breakthrough to the other side of these dreams.

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