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Life can be rough. Scratch that, life is rough. Rougher than we think it should be sometimes. And there are many times life will do more than just leave us with a few scratches and scrapes. Sometimes, life will knock us to the floor and expect us to stay there until our dying breath.

It is easily assumed that only the strong survive in this life. The adjoining assumption is that the strong don’t get knocked down. So in essence, the weak are the ones who are knocked down, and in turn, do not survive.

That’s wrong on a number of different levels.

I’ve seen many people fall in my lifetime. The reasons for their fall vary: alcoholism, greed, betrayal, unfaithfulness. The fall, in those cases, is the consequence of their own various actions.

But I’ve also seen many people fall because life decided one day to give them the one-two punch in the chin and knock them flat on their rear. An unexpected bill, a death in the family, a job loss, a natural disaster to destroy everything they own. The fall, in these cases, were not founded on consequence (necessarily), but on circumstances. And sometimes, circumstances can be a bit too much for one person to handle.

In both situations, in both versions of the fall, strength isn’t necessarily a factor. You can be strong and mess up in this life. You can be strong and that strength is nothing compared to the unexpected storm. You can’t will yourself out of a massive bill or punch your way out of alcoholism.

True strength is in the getting up. True strength is in knowing you’re not down for the count until you decide you’re down for the count. Yeah, life can suck sometimes. Sometimes, the perfect storm comes around to hit every single area of your life. And yes, sometimes, we can fail in some of the situations that life throws our way.

But we need to get up.

I know. It’s easier to give up. It’s easier to fall into a slumber and become complacent and stay wounded and a victim of our circumstances or doing.

Open your eyes. Take a deep breath. Listen for the voice of those who love you, cheering you on to get back up and get back into the ring. Might be only one voice. May only be the voice of God. But there is always someone who wants you to get back up, to come back to them, to find your center and recalibrate yourself.

Get up. There’s another round after this one. And another after that. But you’ll win not because you’re stronger with your punch, but because you can outlast your opponent by continually getting back up and getting back into the ring.

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