It’s Not You, It’s Them


You’ve felt that weight for a while now.

Every time they call.

Ever time they stop by.

Every one-way favor they ask.

Every guilt trip spell they cast on you.

They’re people, human beings like you and me. But their intentions are not noble. They don’t have your best interests in mind. Only their own. They wallow in selfishness and live in a self-serving bubble. They require of you but never refill what they have taken. They play upon the guilt they have wrapped you in over the years.

Know anyone like that? Do you feel the shift every time they come around?

Cut them loose.

Let them go.

Send them on their way.

Yes – some relationships can be repaired with discussion, counseling, mediation.

But sometimes, the other person’s self-serving ideals have no room for discussion. Or counseling. Or mediation.

Move on. Let them go. Cut the chain of that anchor and push forward into your destiny. It’ll probably hurt a bit. You might feel the sting of regret lancing out at you from an untrue future.You might feel guilt slide into your veins and keep you up for a few nights.

Hold fast. Surround yourself with those who build you up, with those who appreciate you and respect you and love you.

You’ll be better soon.

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