In The Company Of Excuses


He that is good for making excuses is seldom good for anything else. – Benjamin Franklin

Excuses. They’re everywhere. Like Christmas stuff near Halloween. Like construction barrels when you’re late for work. Like friends when you come into money.

We have excuses for everything…

I can’t help you because –

I didn’t reach my goal because –

I meant to do such and such, but I didn’t because –


It’s not true though, is it? You’re under an illusion. You think the word, ‘because’, means that what you’re stating is a legitimate reason for giving up, giving in, neglecting your responsibilities, ignoring your destiny.

Put the excuses away. In fact, throw them in the furnace and vow never to rebuild them. They aren’t worth your time. They aren’t worth anything.

Excuses are poison to a destiny, to a future. They latch on like cute animals, and you take them in, feed them, shelter them, never realizing they are draining you of life, stealing your dreams while you slumber, stealing your action when you’re awake.

The excuses you used a few years ago contributed to you being stuck now. You’re not in a dead-end job. You’re not in a dead-end relationship. You’re not in a dead-end. You simply convinced yourself that you are.

You’ve decided to ignore the possibilities, ignore the opportunities, and instead embrace procrastination, complacency, and laziness.


Rise up. Slaughter these excuses, these ‘reasons’, without prejudice. It’s time to move forward, no matter how hard it might be. It may take everything you’ve got, but avoiding the alternative is worth the risk. You have somewhere to be, and it isn’t here in the company of excuses.

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