The Friday Muse

The Friday Muse – Electric Lights


Clean. Clear. Bright. It gave off warmth, but it didn’t burn. It was something she hadn’t seen in a very long time.

Electric light.

Since the time of the Void Break, darkness had filled the land, and the hearts and minds of the people. Most went mad. Some escaped to the hills, to a secret installation where natural light was created through fire and potions and chemicals. Firebugs. Gunpowder. Blaze Dust, with its awful rotting stench. It was all used to ignite the newfound darkness, to keep it at bay while humanity attempted to restore order in a world plagued by an alien epidemic.

The darkness came five years ago, wiping out both the sun and Neeko’s spirit. Since then, she had relied on more natural means of light to survive. She cooked over a campfire. She used Blaze Dust lotion to burn out ticks. Firebugs provided light for her journeys through the dark hills and even darker valleys. Light was essential in the darkness. Without light, the darkness would consume one whole.

And most times it did.

But this? This electric light, this warmth, this safety? Neeko had prayed for it. All the people of New Light had prayed for it. And now it was here, in this seemingly abandoned city hidden beyond the hills.

But hidden beyond the reach of the Void Break?

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