Life’s ‘Little’ Distractions

I know I’ve been away from this blog for a bit now. I’m sorry about that. I meant to continue my Flash Fiction Fridays. I meant to raise discussion about my time in San Francisco and where I believe God is leading me. I meant to continue my writing projects – such as Red Crane. But as is the norm, life got in the way.

More specifically, The Crossover Alliance got in my way.

It was only a year ago that I registered an LLC, purchased a business license, and opened the doors of this online publishing company specializing in a ‘different kind’ of Christian fiction. A year later, the Crossover has adapted and evolved into a sum much greater than its parts. I never thought I would be able to run a publishing company – let alone start one. I was told at the beginning of all of this that I was crazy to think that we could publish six books in our first year, that I should drop that number to make things more manageable. Not saying that was bad advice, but I tend to have a desire to do the things people tell me I can’t or shouldn’t do. Before the end of this month, we will be eight books deep in only our first year.

With the busyness that running a business of this magnitude demands, I haven’t had Crossover Alliance Logo 2015 (C Edit White)much time to work on my own writing projects. Red Crane – my supernatural detective novella – has been on the backburner for months now. The third book in my Expired Reality series has been on the backburner for years now – that’s not really the Crossover’s fault, but the busy workload hasn’t helped. And I have a slew of other unfinished projects that need to be tended to – Salt & Lyte, Eternal Midnight, some post Black Earth stories, some more Expired Reality stories, and a host of unfinished NaNoWriMo pieces that have been sitting on my hard drive, crying out to be free from their prison.

I promise you folks, that I have been working on a very strict business and writing schedule that I will be implementing next week that will allow me to continue forward with the Crossover as we cross into our second year and also allow me to carve away at these stories I have been promising all of you.

ER EM Kindle Cover 2014Some of the exciting projects I am going to be working on over the course of the next year? Books 3 and 4 in my Black Earth series will be published through The Crossover Alliance. I will be (finally) finishing up the third novel to my Expired Reality series, and all three will be published through the Crossover next year. Red Crane should be done before the end of this year. I have a short story I’ll be working on for the Crossover’s upcoming short story anthology. And, of course, I want to work on all of the other unfinished projects. Salt & Lyte in particular needs to see the light of day soon.

And, starting next week, The Friday Muse will be back in action with all new writing snippets that I will be working on each week – flash fiction, character sketches, world-building, etc., etc. etc.

Thank you for hanging with me during the interims. It’s been a wild ride starting this company, but one I wouldn’t trade for anything.

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