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The Friday Muse – Dark Horizons

Well, I spent over four hours at the coffee shop last night working on my Camp NaNoWriMo Project. The third volume in my Expired Reality series – Dark Horizons – has been a draft for literally 11 years now. Yeah. Figured it was time to continue that series. And yes, I’m still working on Red Crane, but Dark Horizons is a much bigger project to finish, so most of my writing time will be spent working on it.

That being said, I’d like to share a few paragraphs from the novel so far. I would imagine very few of you have read any of my Expired Reality novels (or novella), but I can say this third volume seems to have a darker feel to it than the previous volumes. Probably because of all that has happened to my characters up to this point.

If you do want to check out the series, just visit my page and start with Endangered Memories (the first book in the series) or Drather’s Story (a novella prequel).

Here’s the very first paragraph of the book so far. It is from David Corbin’s point of view. He is the main protagonist of the series.

Winter snow had been falling for some time now, surrounding the Bridges Gap apartment complex in a blinding white blanket. Cold air seeping in through the open front door froze David Corbin’s soul in place, numbing him to the terrible events that had occurred over the last couple of days. He welcomed the chill, welcomed the shutdown of his emotions, his thoughts, his sense of things. It was all he could do to survive – to close himself out from the rest of the world while he attempted to regain his focus, much like a computer’s hard drive is rebooted to restart its convoluted programs.

There’s definitely a dark, cold tone to the novel here in the beginning. It picks up right where the end of the second book in the series, Lost Birth, leaves off. I don’t want to say what happens for fear of spoiling it for most of you, but needless to say, there’s definitely some heavy themes running through this series by this point.

Here’s a paragraph from the second chapter. This one is from the point of view of one of my other major characters, Veronica Amorou – best friend to David Corbin.

A flash of memory suddenly blinded her eyes, transporting her to the moments when Agent Parks pummeled her face with his fists. The sound of bone crunching echoed through her skull and she suddenly felt as if she was going to lose her balance. She steadied herself on the toilet, bracing her arms between the walls of the stall. Although she had never been one to fear much in her life, Veronica felt fear rise in her like raw sewage when she thought of Parks. He was evil – the very definition of it. His hands had made short work of her face, but Turquoise’s healing machine – restorator – had fixed most of it.

And here’s a paragraph from the third chapter. This one is from Carrie Green’s point of view. She is David’s love interest here in the beginning of the series, and she is also the second major protagonist.

Carrie stared at the strange black swirls forming on her arm and hoped with all of her heart that David would show up soon. They – the other wedges with her – called the strange substance rack matter. It was something planted inside her body back in the Complex that Alex ran, and it’s purpose was to tear her mind and soul apart. To destroy her from within, so Legion – some strange alien entity that was now here on Anaisha – could use her as its mindless puppet.

Fans of my Black Earth series will immediately recognize the reference to Legion. I’m keeping quiet about that for the moment.

Anyway, there’s a sneak peek at what I’ve been working on this week in regards to my writing projects. We’ll see how much more I can get done with this (and Red Crane) before next Friday’s Muse.


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