Camp NaNoWriMo 2016,  The Friday Muse

The Friday Muse – Camp NaNoWriMo Has Begun!

Well, today’s the day that Camp NaNoWriMo begins! I feel like I should be pulling my shorts up a flagpole or filling up some water balloons to throw over at the girls’ cabins. Instead, I’ll be filling my eyes with the brightness of my computer monitor as I toil over a manuscript that I actually wrote the partial draft to during NaNoWriMo…2005.

Yes, the project I was going to work on for Camp NaNo – MidLyte – will have to be put on the back burner. I realized that I have a series that has stalled over the course of the last few years because I can’t seem to bust out the third book in the series. I mean, I’ve had plans for this series that go beyond a dozen novels, but it’s taken me 11 years now just to get the third book done? I actually have two drafts of this manuscript, both over 50,000 words, both completely different.

So, for Camp NaNo, I decided to completely dissect these two manuscripts and hopefully salvage enough from both to finally put together a workable draft for Dark Horizons. My goal is to add at least 20,000 words to this thing in the long run, but I think Camp NaNo will be more about sifting through the two manuscripts and building a new one than it will be about writing new content.

We’ll see. Head over to my Camp page to keep tabs on my progress. And check out the first two novels (and novella) in my Expired Reality series.

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