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The Friday Muse – Future Plans

I don’t really have any new fiction to post today, but I have been working on some new fiction. Many of you who follow the blog know I started dabbling in a supernatural detective-type story, and I’m happy to say that I outlined it last night at my coffee shop writing meeting that I participate in each week with my buddy Jelani.


This is a short story that I plan on releasing in March – the first of the monthly short stories that I want to start putting out on a regular basis. Red Crane is a supernatural detective tale about a man – Detective Hale – who is plagued by misfortune and finds himself chasing down a serial killer who leaves blood-soaked origami cranes at his crime scenes.

Last night I outlined the story into ten brief episodes – or scenes, if you will – all of them leading to a twisted final confrontation between Detective Hale and the Red Crane.

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