The Friday Muse

The Friday Muse – NaNo Win and Misc Projects

My apologies for being MIA the last couple of weeks. Once I crossed the finish line in NaNoWriMo, I pretty much jumped right into some side projects. Our company produced its second short story anthology, I’ve been putting together a comprehensive list of marketing ideas for 2016, and I’ve even had the grand luxury of working on my car – which I hate doing, by the way.


That being said, I did win NaNo! My 11th year in a row. I’m pretty stoked about that. And now I have a slew of new short stories that I can work on in the new year. I didn’t end up working on all 30-something story ideas I had sketched out beforehand, but I did get a decent chunk of some main ones written out. I think I ended with 50,414 words.

In all honesty, I really need to sit down and incorporate my own projects into my business plan for next year. The last five months I have been working nonstop on the publishing company, and aside from NaNo, my own writing has taken a back seat. Doesn’t mean I’ll put the company to the side of course, but I do need to find some slices of time that I can use to start working on actual novels – the third volume of my Expired Reality series isn’t going to write itself.

I also need to clean up this blog a bit. I meant to do more with the design elements, but I just haven’t had the time. I want my author pic somewhere on it, and I need to add some more graphical material to make it a bit more eye appealing.

So yeah, the next couple weeks will have me sketching out some massive project lists for both the company and my own author persona. Next Friday will be another piece of fiction though, so don’t worry. Thanks for sticking with me through life’s little detours.

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