NaNoWriMo 2015

It should come as no surprise to those who know me that I am participating in NaNoWriMo this year. This will be my eleventh year taking a crack at the challenge, and it’s going to be a challenge with the publishing company I am running, the novels I am trying to start work on, and life in general. I’m still debating on if I want to make my writing goal 100,000 words or just the basic 50,000. Probably 100,000…

Anyway, this year I will be doing The 2015 NaNoWriMo Mega Short Story Anthology. It won’t be published as a standalone anthology, but it will serve to give me a slew of different short works that I can publish throughout the next year both through the publishing company, on my own accord, and possibly even through some other venues.

During the Writing.com October NaNo Prep Challenge, I’ve managed to sketch out a basic outline for 32 different short stories / novelettes. Even if I just did the daily minimum word count for NaNo at 1667 words a day per story, I’d exceed the 50,000 word basic goal before the end of the month. So…yeah…I think I may just go for 100,000.

Most all of these stories take place in my Black Earth and Expired Reality novel series. A lot of them actually take place after my Black Earth series, which is currently being republished through The Crossover Alliance, so it may be a little while before these particular stories see the light of day, but they will eventually.

I’m not going to reveal the details of ALL of the stories I am going to be working on, but here’s a few:

Codex of Ra’f and Articles of the Myriad – These are origin stories of the fabled books that my main characters learn about in my Expired Reality series. I’ve been wanting to draw up some background to these items for years now, and what better time than NaNo?

A Demon in Eden – This is a rewrite of the backstory to an upcoming character in my Expired Reality series, Eden Ambersay. She is voluntarily infected with Legion (the enemy from my Black Earth series) and pursues an archaeological quest to find powerful artifacts that may point to Legion’s origins.

Drather’s Story Prequel Prequel – First there was Drather’s Story, my novella prequel to the Expired Reality series. Then there was Doors of Babel, a prequel to Drather’s Story, found in The Crossover Alliance Anthology Volume 1. Now I have one more story to do that is a prequel to Doors of Babel. This origin story will explain why Drather’s great grandparents were killed and how their death set off a chain of events that has nearly destroyed the space/time continuum in my Expired Reality series.

The Lighthouse –  A story of a town that rallies together to defend itself from Legion’s attack at the end of Earth’s days. This story will actually serve as an explanation/partial origin story to the lighthouses that spit out dark madness that are found later in my Black Earth series.

The Last Star – This is a somewhat standalone story of a young girl with a terminal illness who wants to see the stars once more before she dies. She travels to a place on Earth that is strangely not affected by Legion’s darkness and ends up stumbling on a possible way to stop or at least protect from Legion’s darkness.

Okay, that’s all for now. I’ll post snippets of some of my NaNo work as November rolls on. Wish me frenzy and caffeine! November is going to be crazy.

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