Getting Into The Rhythm…

Well folks, it’s been almost a month now and I think I’ve finally gotten into a rhythm out here in Arizona. The move out here was a tough one – emotionally and physically – and although I’m glad that I’m back here in Arizona around friends and family, I miss California gravely. But, there is work to be done, especially with the start of the publishing company. I’m diving in head first, if only to distract me from how badly I am hating the triple digit heat right now.

Some awesome things that need to be mentioned:

Indiegogo Logo With TransparencyIndiegogo Campaign:
My Kickstarter campaign did not reach goal, but I have an Indiegogo campaign running right now to help draw in funds for The Crossover Alliance, the publishing company I am starting. To make things even more epic, an anonymous supporter has agreed to match pledges dollar-for-dollar up to $1500, so if you’re interested in supporting this venture, please head to the official campaign page and donate. You’ll can score some digital subscriptions to our first year’s catalog as well!

BE EOTI Cover 2015 (Resized)Black Earth:
All four books in my Black Earth fiction series will be pulled off of Amazon and other websites soon to prepare them for re-release through the publishing company. Covers will be polished, text will be cleaned up, and the books will get some extra razzle dazzle over the re-release period. Look for End of the Innocence, the first book in the series, to be published this August.

New Fiction:
I have some new fiction I’ll be writing for the publishing company’s upcoming short story anthology. I’m not sure what that new fiction is yet, but it is sure to be good. I think.

Anyway, I’ll have more to say soon. For now, I’m back and I’ll be showing up more consistently on the blog now that I’m done with the move. Have a great weekend all!

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