The Barrow Lover – Book Review

The Barrow Lover Website CoverFor those interested in a great Irish spook tale with intriguing characters and a great Celtic feel, this is definitely the story for you. The most impressive thing about Mr. Todoroff’s writing is how poetic it comes off. I’m not all that familiar with Irish jargon, but the prose moves with the fluidity of a rushing stream, moving you through the story with ease without stopping to coddle you along the way.

I found the characters believable, the setting wondrous, and the tension just right for a spook tale. This was a tale I was inclined to read on my cell phone with headphones blaring music in my ears so I could be shut out from the rest of the world while I became thoroughly engrossed in the multidimensional Celtic environment that Mr. Todoroff created –  an environment that was easy and enjoyable to get lost in.

Although this tale is meant to be a short one, I felt the ending was a bit rushed and cut off, with the epilogue doing nothing to satisfy my craving for a more drawn out conclusion to this otherwise intriguing tale. All in all though, this is a great (and quick) read that will satisfy your craving for an intriguing Irish ghost story.

You can find The Barrow Lover here on Amazon.


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